Dana Tindall

Painter & Sculptor

“This art is about liking things. I make these pieces because they are images of what people know and like. On the surface they don’t offend and are friendly. I make them a bit oversized and out of proportion to draw attention to them, invite comments/conversation and hopefully a laugh or two. Humor as a part of these pieces is important to me. Food is an easy target for this kind of imagery, we consume and relate to it constantly in the day-to-day world, and who doesn’t like birthday cake, pie a la mode, potato chips and hotdogs? This work is great for hanging in a kitchen, over a bar, even in a restaurant; it goes anywhere where people hang out, eat and drink. They can be conversation starters or trigger memories.”

Dana Tindall lives in northern Kentucky and works in the Cincinnati metro region. He has exhibited his work in multiple solo and juried group shows nationally and has exhibited internationally as well. His work is included in several private and corporate collections. He graduated from Austin College in Sherman Texas with a BA in Art and received his MA in Art from the University of Dallas. He additionally holds an Ed.D from the University of Cincinnati. He is an instructional designer and teaches drawing and art appreciation courses at Xavier University.