Patti Tapper

Painter & Sculptor

As an artist my goal is to delight the viewer. In my still life paintings I strive to share the joy I
experience from nature and the world around me. Each day I work to create, living with
purpose and an optimistic approach. I treasure my opportunities to discover new ways of
seeing and learning new techniques.
I am a passionate collector of books, colorful textiles, flowers and interesting objects. These
influence what I include in my work, pushing me to create with a more colorful palette and bold
brushstrokes, keeping the focus of my work personal, and reflecting my love of light, color and
I am excited about my latest series of work, incorporating colorful collage elements, hand
painted papers and words that inspire me, all adding a new dimensions and strength to my art.

Patti Tapper is a painter and mixed media artist happily living and creating out of her studio in
Orchard Lake, Michigan. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bowling Green State
University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Art History. As an educator,
Patti, through teaching has introduced many to the joys of making art and believes that
everyone should be encouraged to explore their own creativity. Her work is widely collected
throughout the United States and has won multiple awards showing regionally. She is currently
represented by Button Gallery in Douglas, Michigan.

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