Linda Lewis

Ceramic Artist

“I love to tell stories with clay because it allows me to connect people to one another, and helps explain who we are.  My goal is to express common threads of the human experience by using the figure, imagery and gesture as powerful narrative tools.  By working with a material as simple as clay to create something as complex as a human, I can roll, stretch, attach, incise, alter the shape, glaze and inject some color until life emerges and we see part of ourselves in the pieces that look back at us.”

Linda Lewis is a native of Michigan, having grown up in Vassar, and now lives and works in Des Moines, Iowa.  She studied Art Education and spent her career as an educator in the public schools.  In the last decade Lewis has been working as a studio artist and is actively exhibiting her work in juried shows around the nation.  Her sculptures are on public display at various sites in the Midwest region, where she also enjoys a breadth of gallery representation.

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