Michael Burmeister

Painter, Ceramic, & Concrete Artist

Abstract Painting at its best is like exploring with no regard nor need for a map. It’s like getting lost in an environment that deserves close and wondrous attention. A good explorer knows to bump into things, trip on stuff, and step into the foreign.

My paintings are verb containers; fling it, splash it, drag it, scrape it, spray it, and brush it. I like to deploy paint. Paint should surprise me and I should be surprised by it.

Michael Burmeister holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a BAA in Fine Arts with a major in Photography and minor in Art History from Central Michigan University. Michael is currently the Owner and Director of Button Gallery in Douglas, MI. Previously as Adjunct Professor and Exhibition Preparator, Michael taught numerous Fine Art courses and worked on highly exclaimed exhibitions in both Pennsylvania and Illinois. His work has been exhibited regionally and nationally at colleges and universities, galleries and museums. Michael resides in Fennville, MI with his wife and two daughters.

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