Theresa Gray


I am always painting.
Not only when brush meets canvas.
When I walk to gather wood, I am grounding, observing, inhaling my surroundings.
Taking in shadow, light, and color.
Marveling at the beauty, even in the mundane.
Celebrating, mourning the intensity of life and death around me.
Being present is my work.
I cross a threshold when I create.
All that I have absorbed emerges through my hands.
My whole-body awareness expresses itself. The painting releases onto the canvas. Sometimes with strength. Other times with ease. Always with the promise of beauty.
There is balance in this exchange.
Beauty in its authenticity.
I return, with deep reverence, to the land.

I’ve been studying my environs and creating art for more than 30 years. My work is an internal conversation marked by curiosity. Work is not something I do when I arrive in my studio. The paintings travel with me when I sweep the floor, water the garden, light the fire. Connected to all that’s around me, my works flow onto the canvas . . . sometimes with effort. Other times with ease. Always the truth.

My husband Peter Halter and I live in a handmade home near Taos, New Mexico. Living off-the-grid fastens us to the land. This dynamic high desert shapes my movement, expands my vision, and inspires my work.

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