Tom D’Angelo


“By using wood as my substrate, I will often cut apart old paintings or painted surfaces and reassemble them into new compositions. This isn’t always the process for my work, but it is the one that has remained consistent throughout my career. Creating the first perfect line of a painting is a long shot, so I start with what I know to be imperfect, allowing myself an opportunity to refine it. I find this is where new compositions and textures can be discovered, rather than being chosen. My reworked paintings often take on an aesthetic of noticeable history and minimalism. The refinement removes clutter in the design and allows the viewer to witness my process.”

Tom D’Angelo resides in Easton, Pa with his wife and two children. He graduated fromMonmouth University in 2004, with a BA in Art. He has been exhibiting and curating art shows throughout the Lehigh Valley since 2008. He has paintings in both private and corporate collections.